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paint glazes & the call of the wild girlscout-cookies

paint glazing: ok, tried it:it works! yay.

The tricky part for me was that I missed some edges in a way that was ok, but I awnted to improve -

[ok this base glaze was a few weeks ago] and I finally found a little time this afternoon to get out the leftover glaze & darker teal I had mixed to go over the lighter teal base - and do touchups.

It goes on looking_lighter_ then the basecoat & dries much darker then the base coat: no wonder I missed all these spots!

- it also made it really really hard for me to tell what I was doing w/the touchups & they didn't turnout at all like I had thought when I applied them (and I was vaguely thinking the glaze might not be darker anymore somehow after sitting in a paintjar for 2 weeks) but no it had not lightened - it just dries way different then it applies. Huh. live & learn ...

Well,it looks "fine" to good - I'll probably go back and try to make it slightly better when I work on the edge the paint tape messed up - ah well.

and mrsmodew I do have your cookies! I'm about as bad at calling on the phone so I had a really busy week with the kids and so I failed to call you back: but I DO have two boxes of girlscout cookies here waiting for you! We should make a date for you to swing by after work, as I know historically that has worked best? How is your Monday & Tuesday looking? :)
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