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2 kids stories from the week.

Athena, after I dropped Aurora off at school Friday - 'no more pipettes mom- can we listen to pumpkin rocks?"
me, "pumpkin rocks hun? what music is that"
Athena - "the pumpkin rocks - the pumpkin rocks music, mom"
me, "Ooooh, punk rock music?"
Athena - "yes!! "
me, "heh, ok hun" (changed Cds)
Athena "can I hold the case mom?"
me, "uh, sure ..." (hands it back & she looks at it while it plays & puts it on the door pocket like Aurora has the pipettes on her door & had left the cd there after getting out of the car)

_ my girls- loving music already *sigh*


evening,7pm ish -
me, "hey girls let's play you guys are grownups & I'm a kid & you tuck me into bed early, and you can stay up a couple hours longer then me,k?" (smile) - (they know I'm joking, course)

Aurora "Yeh!! Alright Athena- that's cool - we're the grownups! That means we can change all the rules!!"

Me: "Uh, on second thought, we're not playing that"

Aurora: "Aaww!! Darn. Hey - ok, we'll play it right - Athena - we're the grownups,k ? That means we just do Yoga and clean up stuff all night, k?"
Athena: "ok!"

(then they proceeded to roll out the Yoga matts & pick up the toys while I sat on the chair tired, and they put a yoga video in & did Yoga) -

I love my kids.
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