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on a cheerier note: school notes.

Today in school Athena got a smiley-certificate for good sharing (for letting her classmate wear her butterfly mittens during outdoor time)- & a little tiny teddy bear for being really good at school from her teacher "Miss Kay". I was really happy she was a really good girl in her class.

Aurora's been doing really well in math: getting perfect scores tests even, which is great. She's even been using parenthesis in her math homework- that's like, Algebra 101 - pretty neat. She's never been an ace reader or writer, but she's worked hard at practicing & is getting better, and math seems her natural area; not everyone is good at everything, so I'm not super worried that she's middle to low in her class for reading books, when she's the best in her class at math (what her teacher told me) then I figure it will balance out.

Randomly: Her class had a wedding shower party last Friday - it's hard to believe, but actually every year Aurora's had either a wedding shower or a baby shower for her teacher of that year (3 weddings last 3 years/1 baby shower in Kindergarten). Busy times. Maybe it speaks more to the demographics of elementary school teacher jobs (young people) but then; weddings don't happen all the time - I don't think I ever had a teacher get married NOR pregnant while I was in their class for my entire education - lol.
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