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art & spring

March 13th there was an elementary school art exhibit opening at the Edina public library: one of Aurora's clayworks was selected! Hers is in the case in the front hall as you walk in. :) The art is all over the library & looks really cool: all kinds of mediums and styles,all made by kids - this Library is the one off Eden Ave from hwy 100. The display will be up for a month or two.

Left image: Aurora oblidges a pose for me ,her art is second-in from the far left - a fish entitled "electricity" Medium: clay on a clay tile w/glaze paint.
Right image: Athena gazes into the case of art where her sister's art is (she wanted to open the case to touch the pieces) *smile* Proud mom = me.

and I've lived in MN long enough to know.. heh,to take the "first day of spring" photo before the snowstorm: *grin* Here's March 20th,2008 below: the kids laydown to grab a quick bit of sunshine & I caught it on film.
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