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The next extreme sport: snow golf

So today my dad golfed in a blizzard. He said he & his golf-buddy decided to golf despite the snowstorm because it was one of those free days at a really nice expensive golf courses: 3 cans of food & you're in.

So they used neon pink golf balls -he said it was amazing - it disappeared into the snow & it was a hunt to find the pink in a donut of white where it had landed- it just disappeared when you hit it.

On putting he said as you putted the golf ball doubled in size from snow it picked up as it rolled to the hole- they got back to the club house & got accolades from the staff, atune to "you guys are Amazing!" "you guys are really hard core: wow" - heh.

I swear, snow golf could become the next extreme sport. I think it could be big in Mn where I live (Dad lives in Bend, Oregon) - I mean think about it: it would double the season on golf here ! lol.
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