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it's spring! no, April fools - it's still winter. lol.

yes we need the moisture -but it's technically been spring for 10 days - "spring rains" not "spring snow" lol.*sigh*

I'm trying to use this opportunity to catch perhaps the Albino squirrel in my yard in a photo - he's so cute playing in the snow, I've tried to capture it all winter but I've never had the camera out while he's playing - he ran down the neighbors roof this morning so I got my camera out - haven't seen him since then,course.. but hey, that's the only positive I can find in this sheet of snow.

One thing weird about watching snow fall ... is how it falls down, and then up, and down some more... , and up a little again.. and kinda, swirls & floats and can be fast or slow...or both, rather different then anything else as it's falling -it's kinda cool to watch.
Tags: funny, ideas, weather

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