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Someone else heard about all the bunnies in my yard. *grin* This pretty red tail hawk was hanging in my yard's oak tree for a bit today.

I know the 'carbon footprint' of a Buffalo burger is much lower then that of a cow burger...I wonder what the carbon footprint is of a bunny burger? heh. I mean, I guess they are more often cooked like chickens & ducks I guess but one could grind them into burgers, no?

for lunch I had a baked butternut squash w/Rosemary-Garlic olive oil drizzled on top & a smattering of Mrs.Dash original & salt. MMm. I lean towards vegetarian cooking myself but really - those bunnies multiply so fast, the darn cute things have soft coats too. *Bad Alli, no cute points for you today -10 to Charisma rating & +10 to logistics * heh.
Tags: animals, birds, cooking, garden, ideas, my photos

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