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Today would have been my little brother's 26th birthday. I miss you Pete & I love you.

Pete at Walker Sculpture garden on his 2004 visit to Minnesota: last time I saw him. That's my (then 5 year old) daughter Aurora trying to climb on the sculpture in the background :) Pete's lookin' at the big sculpture w/the swing attached to it & counter-balanced by giant steel beams.

Pete giving Aurora a high-five for an awesome mini-golf shot (Walker Sculpture garden, 2004).

This3rd photo is 2002 & is actually my entire direct family at the time, Athena wasn't born until 2004.. so this is: Pete(my little bro), Todd (my big bro), Mom & Dad, Me, Aurora *(@ age 2) & Sue (Todd's wife)& their daughter Isabel, at age 3.

Trying something new, a link to a mspc gallery of mine:
click to gallery of my family photos of Pete & will add more soon

Pete Aurora (then 5) & me in my garden on his last visit out to see us. Aug. 2004. It's interesting how the most recent photos become so important in some ways - even though they aren't recent anymore they feel like yesterday when I look at them. I'm 6 months pregnant w/Athena in this photo.
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