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first 2008 BBQ: yay!

Had a nice BBQ yesterday w/the kids & their good friends Lily & Julian - and of course the kids dad Ian his fiance Sara, Ian had put together a new grill & he did the grillin' while Sara & I got to chat & of course wandered to talk of work (we work for the same company now) Anyhows... woot! BBQ. :D :P

- it was really nice - the kids played with toy animals & listened to their music upstairs & did dancing and all kinds of games together... & had grilled hotdogs & hamburgers w/chips & Guacamole, and grapes .... followed a couple hours later by chocolate silk pie (from Perkins: yum, the do good pies, I admit it).

... and then I got to play a bit of poker w/ Ian & Sara; as she wanted to learn how to play as world poker came on after mythbusters & brought up the topic... - so it was a game to learn the game, we played with these cute orange & purple platic rings as there were no chips around, lol. fun times.

The kids danced to music, and played for hours, it was a really great Saturday & my first official BBQ of 2008: woot!
Tags: bbq, friends, kids, poker, summer, weekends
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