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Children's Museum

June 10th, we went to the children's museum with Grandma Freya & Grandma Mike ~ Aurora had a great time! Here are some photos:


Grandpa Mike

Grandma Freya

The secret squirrel home (you had to crawl into a small hole to get into this tree house)

bringing the stuffed racoon into check out the tree house too

A festival of sound & color

Dancing to music on bubble packaging that pops with flags: these kids were having a GREAT TIME!

up on the rooftop garden of the museum

Experimenting with water & water pressure systems

Playing with a forest families game

being a turtle

lighting effects studio (the tubes have slots so the kids can slide in different colored gels, a la theatre effects, and make new colored light in the tubes & on the wall)

racing boats

creating shadows

a little pretend manufacturing plant (kids would be downstairs & upstairs moving these blocks along a conveyor belt with cranks & pulleys, etc from the kids below to upstairs where Aurora is playing) Have to wear a safety helmet... (Daddy & Grandma Freya watching the commotion)

playing teacher with some other kids

playing musician with a couple of boys that were rocking out too (mostly off the photo edge) ; I thought Aurora looked a little like Jewel in this photo

being a bus driver (Daddy & Grandpa Mike passengers on this full-sized pretent bus)

shopping in the pretend grocery store with a mob of kids

being the cashier/clerk (the kids all put on the little apron & rang out the groceries, which caused a price to show up on the cash register & there was all of this laminated pretend money to use for change,etc: Aurora really liked this 'shop' as did many other kids, it was constantly busy)

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