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on time is like, are your shirt & pants coordinated.

being on time is like dressing nice. it's what, 80% impression, 20% application.

(usually it's like, show up on time to wait- I really don't buy the "respect is being on time" nor the other arguments - but I do see the whole "it's an impression - what you think of others/what they think of you") I don't want to degrade those who value timeliness but really: how often does it actually affect

- say in meetings at work - 1 minute or 2 minutes late makes a really bad "impression" but it usually doesn't interrupt the meeting - it's always people beeping in the first couple minutes: course, I get to know in what order people login cause I'm first & I know everyone who's on the call: those late don't know ... so ok, there is something there ... and when I am meeting someone to do something (exercise - go on a trip) rude is not the issue, it does affect the plan - I donno.

I've spent so much time waiting for others ... I mean, it's just sooooo often "hurry up to wait" that drives me nuts. BUT - I do know if I am meeting someone who is on time I get there on time or early & am aware of the impact. When I know others are going to be late I really have no desire to show up & wait for them (shrug) I mean - it's a debate I've heard all sides to.

I still think it's often _mostly_ a matter of appearance more then concrete 'impact' to plans - well, within a window. past 10mins, and past 20 mins it changes from tardy to something else .. I donno.

end ramble.not sure I got anywhere on that one.
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