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I colored my hair again.

woot. :D One of the girls Aurora knows said 'so did you take color out, or put color in?" *grin* It does look really soft & natural - the dye used is semi-translucent & will slowly fade but has an awesome shine and natural color 'cause of how it is that way. New photo:

New color (2 photos, more sunlight & less):

for those who r curious; I'll put the previous color I had a day ago, below a cut tag:

and this is my natural color/not that is shows much/but it's rather medium-brown(?)

EDIT: I know having my hair done costs money/and I've been trying to save money; but it's something that pretty much impacts my impression on people everyday & I like being brown better, I decided! (the blonde showed all of my blushing/and flushing from foods/exercise - I turn pink a lot it turns out. Plus the brown just fits my skin tone better). so, that's good & I think it was worth it. I'm still going to save & I realize reviewing my books I do have a lot of $5, $10, even $20 purchases I could have easily skipped, which add up to $100 very fast.
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