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oh yea

took about 10 minutes to bike to the Y - what a beautiful nice night to bike!
elliptical 25 minutes & a bike ride home during sunset

stopped & got a bike lock & light at Penn Cycle on they way home. Yay. Biking feels good.

had a few mins to wait at the Y before Ktig arrived so I called my mom, they're going to see Obama tomorrow - turns out he's in their town (Bend,oregon) tomorrw so they went down to get in line to get in "so we waited in line for 3 hours but it was kinda nice, there were lots of interesting people to talk to while we waited so..." I told my mom it seems like they're making up for skipping going to Woodstock when they had the chance. heh.

Also called my Grandma & said hi; she & Grandpa will likely be out of phone range at the cabin on Mother's day so I'm glad I called early & got to chat a bit :)
Tags: biking, fitness
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