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Happy mother's Day! :D

Yesterday I woke up at 6 am per usual, but since it was Saturday & the kids were at their dad's I just went back to sleep & slept in until 10am! what a luxury.

Then today, I woke up at 3am wide awake & my mind & body were so ready to just 'get going' & I'm like 'huh?' and then I realized it was just anti-compensating for the extra sleep I got yesterday -honestly, my body doesn't understand this idea of getting enough sleep! lol.

Then I went back to sleep & "slept in" until 7 am.

Again I feel like I way slept in... - like somehow I managed to get away w/too much sleep - I guess it is -I mean going to bed at 9 & waking up at 7 is 10hours! Heh. but it's ok - it's the weekend! :D

Woke up to lots of hugs from the girls & snuggling and giggling and talking... then we gotup, I had coffee, thekids watched me clean the Gerbils' cage & they played w/them - and the days plans appear to include: a pilates class (my fav)/gym trip, the zoo build-a-bear work$hop, and baking.

As per the kids' requests :)
Tags: holidays, kids, pets, pilates, traditions, weekends
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