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What an amazing documentary.

I cried a lot watching this show, but there was a lot of hope -stories of these doctors saving all these women's lifes - and some who could not be cured but found new paths in life. One girl, so young... so very young; she had her bladder destroyed in childbirth- she couldnot be healed but they found a way to save the half her bladder and she became a caretaker at an orphanage for kids who lost their parents to HIV. What an amazing story.

Most of these injuries are preventable - but with so few Gynecologists there - just a couple hundred in the country- unless the women come in to the clinics/hospitals they can't get treatment. Some of them walked 6 hours to get there after bus - others walked 24 hours or more. Wow. Her bladder was crushed in child labor -mine was too- but I had a nice hospital and surgery and all was okay- these women lost their children in childbirth, then their lives to humiliation and suffered ostracizing treatment - for weeks, months, or even years, due to post-labor injury - and walked or traveled days on just the hope they _might_ be cured. Living in huts where only straw kept the coyotes from them at night - the devastation of the simple injury of a fistula from a bad birthing - and their amazing stories. Beautiful people in this documentary.

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