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kids updates, it's the little things. :D

cute how Athena turns over the mouse & blows on the ball when it doesn't work - heh. she picks up fast on little things.

She was also in the car as I was listening to election coverage: heard them say the election is in November (discussing how long we'll have solid knowledge of a Democrat) and she shouted out "November! That's my birthday! My birthday is in November!" heh. Kids: definately listening.

Aurora is a bit less cute in her quotes these days & much more "trying to be a teen" which is , er cute: but don't tell her I said so. *smile*

She was discussing how 10 is her favorite number, because she wants to be 10 so bad - but when she's ten, she'll probably want to be 15, so 15 is also her favorite number - and that she expects it will continue to be a few years ahead of where she's at.

quote "When I'm 10 I don't think I'll want to be 10 as much as I do now"

ah, words of truth.

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