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I LOVE weekends!

Friday I saved a family of 1 mama & 15 confused fuzzy ducklings as they walked out onto Hwy 55 admid lots of traffic - in front of my car (making me stop) then they hovered there unable to move as cars passed on the left & right until it cleared ... then they were in the 2nd lane I followed them over playing "car sheep-dog/blockade" from distant traffic coming up (and which did reach me before they got off the road)>

I finished my good deed by honking at them once they were on the shoulder - upon which they broke single file and jumped and ran peeping to their momma-duck in a horde again (as they had when they first got stuck in front of my car - I tooted again & they all ran off the road into the ditch. "and don't play on the highway again you darn kids!"

Then Lothario ( ) had their debut show Friday-which was awesome! I hired a friend to watch the kids for a couple hours which I barely ever do - so I could go. Was really good -the crowd was really into it & they sounded great!

Saturday I got the kids scooters for summer & then my friends Cindy & Mike came over & helped me build the trampoline - which the kids got off of only after it was dark, and immediately upon finishing breakfast were back out on it again! :) They just love that thing ! It's good exercise too.

Oh - and while settingup the trampoline a random black toy poodle wandered into our backyard, and stuck around walking around sniffing in circles & looking confused: Lost dog written all over him. Luckily he had a tag on w/phone # (no addie) & we called his owner ( a panicked kid) who's dad came & got the lost dog: yay. 2 good deeds for one weekend!

Heading out to Pilates class in a few! Yay. :p The kids play on this awsome "Jungle fort" at the burnsville YMCA - it's really cool. Complete with fake caves & bridges and a climbing rope and fun stuff!
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