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many things/er, plants hate my yard. the soil is bad, there's hardly any sunlight (dappled under-tree sun, good for people/not as much plants) -- and lots of little hills & dips everywhere(water runs off).

I've found a few plants that do well & want to get more of them these. I think I should just get more of a few species and give up on a diverse garden like the one I grew up in. This is not the Oregon valley and it's just not that mild in winter & summer and it's not nearly as long of a growing seasons (sigh) so live & learn. These below are the ones I've planted that have survived, most of the varies I've tried haven't made it, or only made it a year or two. boo.

Early season flowers (perennials only listed):

Late season (perennials again):

trickier but still viable are:

still want to try & haven't yet:

Ideas wanted though: it's loose, rocky poor soil? It's also 'Zone4' w/a short season (May to Oct),and LOTS & LOTS of bunnies and squirrels/chipmunks - so pref. stuff they wont'munch up. i.e. pansy's would grow but they get eaten, along w/most annuals - I plant nasturtiums, marigolds & morning glory as annuals - most other annuals get eaten by the (grr) rabbits, and bulbs by the (grr) squirrels.


I've had great luck with Zinneas or Impatients usually in this area/MN region ... but, er, not in this yard. Oh, and I didn't include large bushes like, Lilacs thrive here- but I'm not looking for anything "large" like that.

Sadly I think it's the soil more then the shade. right now I kinda want to just "multiply what works" which feels like a cop-out to me,but I'm tired of trying new plants & having them not survive my yard.
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