Alli (neugotik) wrote,

played another 3 games of solitaire 'Ingenious' last night / It's a pretty fun game, but more fun with other people I've decided. I think I've gotten quite a bit better by playing on my own though (practice? I guess, even with games practice helps).

Game # ==> 1st 2nd 3rd
Red 37 19 24
Green 29 19 26
Blue 23 35 27
Orange 37 32 37
Yellow 26 22 24
Purple 20 34 23

Not much other news; Aurora's team lost their soccer game, but they had lots of fun regardless, and bomb pops after the game ! Jealous! And I'll get a photo up here later, Ang has the camera.. he went to the convention center where they're having a Magic The Gathering pre-release today & tomorrow, as I have been told.. I love going to those, but since we had neither child care nor extra cash on hand to go, I didn't really look into the event much (no reason to get myself excited & then dissapointed about what I can't do). Wow, a tremendous thunder storm & heavy rain just started.. I guess I better go check for additional storm warnings. The kiddos are already asleep, so I will have an early morning tomorrow. Thus far the plans for tomorrow include going to the YWCA's 'race against racism' to cheer on my cousin Peggy & her spouse Steve who are both running in the 5k & then Aurora has soccer practice at 1:30. And then the normal weekend affairs: laundry, cleaning the kids' rooms some(trying to) and maybe an art project and/or doing Aurora's homework with her (reading her the instructions, checking off that it is done for the teacher). Monday morning she has a field trip to the apple orchards for a couple hours in the morning, so that should be fun for her.

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