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The sleepover, with the tornado warning, huge winds & hailstorm

All the girls arrived for Aurora's 9th bday sleepover. They were playing outside & then this wind blows in & lightning/thunder, in pure sunny skies it seems: the girls all scream & run inside to me saying "girls inside" just as the boom sounded.

They get inside and the hail starts - tornado sirens are going. We all head to the basement with 2 pizzas to sit out the storm --> talk about an exciting birthday party start!!

Aurora tried to grab the cake on the way down & it of course fell. Luckily it had a plastic cover so just the top frosting was mostly "jolted" off - ha. I told her not to grab it but she didn't heed - tsk. It still tasted good, thank goodness for plastic cake covers!

The girls didn't have to wait long - the storm blew over,the sun came out & after awhile I let them outside to check out the piles of pea-sized hail, as the yards started to steam away under the sun like a weird freaking stream house or smoking lawn. It was cool looking & very eerie.

Then we had the cake & icecream at the table. Spumoni & Rootbear icecreams! yay for buy 1 get 1 free sales at Lunds *grin*

Then the girls played dressup, put on carebear tattoos, did presents, played make-believe stories for a long time, finally watched "Princess Diaries II" while having popcorn and talking about storms and dress up and animals. Then the popcorn was eaten-up & they had bowls of dry honey nut cherrios for a snack. Kids - they run & run so I know they were hungry. Lol.

After the movie I got out glow sticks & the girls played & made patterns in the dark until bedtime. great times seems to be had by all.

In the morning they finally got some trampoline time, breakfast of "muffin tops" and eggos, and cereal w/milk. And then more trampoline time, and then they got on the 2 computers and played on Webkinz: the hottest kid website/toy gimmack. You buy the stuffed animal, it comes w/a code and then you get a virtual version of your pet online - there is a similar one at 'littest pet shop' & 'buildabear' & 'shooting stars' something; but all the kids (esp. girls) are ALL about the webkinz. So I got a photo of their "LAN" party a.k.a. webkinz play : lol. I actually got lots of cute photos. I'll post when I can. Maybe later today. (I was happy to see, on a more selfish note, that my legs look skinnier in the photos the girls took, then they have in years! Woot.) So the morning was fun & sunny and the girls all seemed to be in a good mood still: wow, no fighting that made me soooo happy. :D

Well, the girls sleepover was a success and will be noted as "the sleepover with the tornado warnings, so we had to all hide in the basement for pizza time".

No joke,either. When we took the cats (well took in the black cat/the grey one had a hissy fit & wouldn't get in the cat carrier, so I need to take him to a vet & they said I could use tranquilzers but then they can't check for some health conditions he might have if he's got a high heartbeat & freaks like that)... well so en route to the petshop this morning for vaccinations, there were 2 trees fully down w/their root balls showing and everything, wow. - one was a giant tree just blocks from our house; that's a reality check for sure. The kids were impressed.

K, hugs everyone.
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