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workout progress

Monday 40 mins elliptical & 1 hour walking around Target afterwards *grin*
Tuesday 25 mins elliptical
Wednesday 60 min pilates class (while the kids played in the gym)
Thursday - nada/heh. watching movie w/thekids :D  ( Enchanted )
Friday - 15 mins of jumprope - that's hard! wow I need to do that more.   Bit of  yoga Ball stretches too.

-  35 mins elliptical (2 miles & 300 calories)

Sunday - 1hour pilates class 2.5 hours gardening & mowing

(last week I worked out Tues, Weds & Saturday, & gardening so this week is an improvement because I worked out Mon, Tues, Weds, Friday, Saturday & plan to tomorrow, Sunday  from 3/7 to 6/7 :p

- but last week I did do a new class (Wed I tried step aerobics) which was tough on my muscles, and I think 'new exercise' is a stretch for the body beyond just the same'ol workout it's gotten used to.
Tags: elliptical, exercise, fitness, goals, movie, pilates
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