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garden, fitness & nutrition tracking.

woot. mowed. 2.5 hours of mowing & weeding & digging! That's some exercise.
After mowing I got in - 4 goblin daisies (Gerbena-sp?)(perennial)- 3 Cosmos (annual)- 2 tomatos (annual) & 1 Oregano (Perennial) so that's good! I also weeded *a lot* but there's always more to do in my yard. Get this: The bunnies actually ate down some of my "autumn joy" : that's Sedum!! Totally unheard of. I even had nibbles on my Lily of the Valley: stuff's poison/it's never nibbled!! Gah. stupid rabbits.

My lawn no longer looks like a Chia Pet: it now looks like a fuzzy soft lime-green velvet. yay. And I have red,yellow & Orange flowers : double yay.

I used all week & this is my activities summary:
Average Calories Burned
(what) (cals) (%total)
Total: 2811
Basal: 1494 53%
Lifestyle: 881 31%
Activities: 436 16%

Does that mean I loose 16% of my extra weight?? *grin* That would be 26.6 lbs _ perfect. Lol.

but then there's foodz eat'n:
Average Calories
(grams) (cals)
Total: 1373
Fat: 58 519
Carbs: 161 530
Fiber: 28 0
Protein: 59 236

So Yeh, I don't eat too much, but I eat too much fat. LOL. It's like, nuts, peanut butter, meat, had salmon a few times - it's not "bad fat" but heh: I suspect it might be one of my blockers to weight loss.

Oh! And I took a buncha fotos of my actual flowers. ;) Maybe I'll upload them & post in a bit.

I did not work on _ANY_ of my mechanical projects. I need like, help w/those. Lol.
Tags: diet, exercise, fitness, garden, goals, nutrition
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