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neat link, new word, fitness prog. report

GURNING! I learned a new word today *heh* It's a good one too.

unabashedily stolen from a post by iteration_x :


So the show's based on words that are high on the Google search :huh. That's kinda like sociology meets bibliomancy, eh?? *grin* neat.

In other news, I skipped Pilates, but worked out today on the elliptical/did a lot of gardening yesterday & 2.5 hours of gardening on Sunday (and mowing!) that's good. So, I've exercised somehow everyday except last Thursday, for the last like well, I was going to say the last 10 days & then I realized: that's the whole month! I've worked out every day this month but 1. yay. My "new" tracking website says I burn 2677 calories a day, about 400 for exercise & the rest is base rate/and I eat like an average of 1461 a day- so that's a big difference (in my favor) & I should be losing 1.5 lbs per week or so. ha. Hahaha. Well, I keep saying "I'm gaining muscle: losing fat - fat weighs less, it's good/I'm getting smaller" but yeah, eventually I better stop dropping pounds or I'm going to have to go to kick boxing classes I hear upstairs when I'm in Pilates and take out my frustration on a big red bag. Lol. Plus - Kickboxing is more aerobic. *blush* I do need to do more jumping around types of exercises.

Ok - that's about it. I'm going to upload some photos now before the lighting storm makes me turn off my computerz.
Tags: diet, fitness, interests, internet, sociology

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