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Happy Father's day.

Happy Father's Day!

On this day I'd like to blog a bit about a thing I associate to my dad - giving advice. I think it's really neat when my dad likes to give me a bit of "fatherly advice" and I appreciate it & I also have noticed friends exchange a lot of asking & giving of/for advice between each other. I've certainly got friends who ask me my advice and I ask them advice and opinions on various topics as well. I think it's one of the many building blocks of a realtionship.

I was thinking about that concept, and how it's easier to 'give advice' then to 'take advice' elaborate - like sure I can 'get advice/listen and ignore/not do anything about the stated topic or idea' - but to actually hear advice and then try to do it - to try to incorporate some of all of the idea in that given advice into an action, change or follow-up is quite a bit harder (I think for anyone) to do then to be asked an opinion of (what should I do/what do you think of this/what would you do/what next,etc).

So while thinking of that I realized: shure I can see weak links in other peoples "chain" or life/actions/etc - career, relationships, exercise, whatever I know of them it's probably easier for me to look at that in a non-emotional way and see potential weak areas, then it ever would be for me to review my own life, my chain of choices and events and future/past/present and see my own 'weak links' to others it might be easy to say notice a 'trend' or pattern in my/my actions or choices, then again, I can do the same for them, when asked. Walking our own paths, it's harder to see the whole perspective, or even just a big piece of the view. *grin*

So, here's to advice: sharing and getting, may we all have resources to find and share advice and also get another viewpoint.
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