Alli (neugotik) wrote,

5 good things

as inspired by mizzlaurajean 5 good things about today

1) exercised w/ ktig after work & got Chipolte for dinner per her idea, that was good.

2) work was not horribly busy as it usually is - so I enjoyed that calmer pace.

3) had my weekly counselor appointment - she recommended I list my projects and then after I broke them out into categories: for me, for others, little projects I never get to -- she asked that I try to do just one from each area per week. Really hard for me to cut back and prioritize: they're all "most important" *sheepish smile* - a good take away for me, definately.

4) it was nice weather out and I enjoyed some time outside.

5) I watched Hogfather, which was a cute & funny film, a la Terry Pratchett's book "the Hogfather" hee hee.
Tags: exercise, friends, memes, movie, projects, psychology, sociology
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