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New experience for the day: Rode in a hybrid

I road in a hybrid for the first time today - my coworker flies in all the time cause er... she lives in Texas & works in Minnesota - er,so anyway: this time they gave her a Prius for her rental car so when she suggested going for coffee I was surprised to see that!

The car is like, super quiet - you can't even hear anything when it goes on or is running - and it's got a big round power button to turn it on: like a computer. heh. It's kinda cute that. And a camera comes on as soon as you go into reverse gear - and so w/a fisheye lens you can see the entire area behind the car from the ground up and out quite a ways :neat feature.

anyhows - pretty neat. I kinda want to get one of those hybrids someday. :p ha. Like, when they get affordable.

Oh, and the back seats looked full sized: when I look at the Prius from outside I always presumed the backseat would be tiny & scrunched due to the car shape, but nope, seems like a sedan inside -but the back's a bit higher then norm.
Tags: cars, green living, ideas, invention

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