Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Twins game! 6/18/08

So me & the girls went to a Twins baseball game tonight & they both had a great time! :) Aurora asked if we could come back again to more baseball games this summer, and I said yeh, and Athena nodded in agreement that it was a good idea.


me: "Is there a different taste to the blue and the pink cotton candy?" Aurora: "yes" me: "what do they taste like?" Aurora: "the pink tastes like bubblegum, and the blue.. tastes like blue bubblegum"

Heh. There were also some cute things the girls said about plays but I'm blanking on them now, since I got caught up in the game play *smile* Fun time! :)

Also Aurora's become quite fond of Joe Mauer. Some of the exciting plays included a triple run off a a hit - and another where the runner outran the ball to first so close everyone was cheering on both those plays. There was also a moment when in outfield the Twins 2nd baseman caught the ball mid-air (1 out) and tagged the base getting the guy running to 2nd (2 outs) & threw it to first for what looked like a third out - and the crowd went NUTS but then they called the firstbase runner safe & everyone booed for a few minutes - it would have been awesome to see three outs on one play!! It really looked like it was - but still 2 outs was pretty neat to see. :)

I did let the girls each get to pick out a Twins baseball as souvenirs - much cooler then a stuffed animal or some random thing.

It was student night so the tickets for the girls were $4 & the hotdogs were only $1. Er, but the girls insisted on getting cheeseburgers: next time it's $1 hotdogs I'm not going to let them see the hamburger stop before the hotdog stop! The munchies at these games are super expensive! I didn't realize cause last time I didn't have to buy the food - ah well: still really fun night out. Yay.

And one bat broke during a hit that we saw: that's kinda amazing & we talked about how fast the balls are goin & the boy in front (about 10) chimed in that one was clocked at 94 miles per hour this game. :)

The only home run was the National's only score - we crushed them it was 8-1 when we took off (a little early)! Woot. Well that was the score when we left in the 8th - we didn't quite stay to the end/it's nice to beat the traffic out to the car & home :D.

Oooh the final score was 11-2 win for the Twins! :D

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