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discussions with the kids

So yesterday I told Athena in the car (as I had promised to discuss the topic w/her as she has been naughty about it at her dad's house drawing on herself & walls, etc) So I say to her - "Hey honey, good job this week writing on only what's right for pens: I've noticed you've been very good about that!" and she smiles and says "high five mom!" and so I put my hand out & she slaps me five.

Then she says "mom. you've got blue ink on your thumb. were _YOU_ drawing on your hands???" 

...and I look at my hands & sure enough there on my right thumb is a lot of blue & black ink near the tip. "Oh, no - that's not on purpose an pen I was using leaked it seems - that sometimes happens when you do stuff a lot - so like, they say 'you have a green thumb' if you garden a lot, because the plant and leaves rub on your thumbs and make them green! So I guess I have a blue thumb from writing a lot." and then 

Athena and Aurora laughed about it & Aurora says "yeh, sometimes a pen just explodes out ink or leaks ink and you don't even see it at first and then it's hard to get off! or sometimes it just runs on your thumb from the paper while you're writing Athena - yeah, but that's different then drawing on yourself"

says Athena nodding in understanding. and then I chime in "Hey I've got a blue thumb - maybe that'll be like a nickname for writers huh?" and the kids were like "maybe mom, I donno"...

Heh, I guess not. I didn't invent a new slang term (yet) 'she's got a blue thumb' just isn't catchy enough or original enough. But at least I have interesting discussions with my kids! *(grin)*
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