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Gasoline - now is the time when selfishness can drive change ;)

So we all need to save the atmosphere - helps to plant trees, eat less methane producing food types, etc etc. Also to drive less. What would motivate that incovienence? The cost of gasoline of course. So now as we tip over onto $4/gallon people are starting to drive less and/or drive better (meme below) Talk about driving better, share tips, keep an eye on the gas-middle-man by checking competative gas prices : , subset my area : ; ; etc.

We blame the market or Peak Oil, but really there are many ways we can reduce our own impact * and thus globally reduce the large picture * Such as driving better (accelerating less, gas/brake alterations less, coasting not gassing on hills, avoiding reverse in parking lots/pull through if avail (less gas on accelerations) - etc. And of course just not being lazy & walking/biking when we can, and taking the bus or city train if en route (downtown, airports, large malls etc are usually en route). Those sometimes take more time but can save alot if used. I heard the city I live in has the highest bus usage on the books, this year.

You Are a Very Green Driver

Saving the planet is probably pretty important to you.
If not, saving some money definitely is!

You don't use much gas when you drive, and you only drive when necessary.
Only if everyone else showed so much restraint!

The increase in media about it helps too - from official EPA tips (link below) to silly but oft-seen memes (like that above) - gets people reminded and thinking about it - maybe even changing/improving their drive-habits (like idelling too long, carrying heavy things in the trunk, not keeping air pressure in their tires and accelerating/driving too fast/etc) little things that can add or detract many miles per gallong.

EPA tips:

10 ways to save 20%:
This green-site posts 10 ways to save 20% on gas! That is not a bad ratio. Plus they have nice photos for each of the 10 tips! Like "Slow Down: For every 5 mph you reduce highway speed, you can reduce fuel consumption by 7%." & "change your air filter" which I hadn't thought of. you can also park out of the sun & use those silly looking reflective windshield things (I have one & use it): avoids gas evaporation, also pumping gas in the morning or at night I believe reduces evaporation as you fill the tank & I know gas is more or less dense in certain humidity/climate & I'm trying to find info on that so I know when to pump gasoline to get the highest density of energy-producing gas per gallon (as it says on some tanks - price is by gallon, not by energy density which alters per weather) -hm hm.

Last note: heard an NPR story on this group that rides / drives in a manner to save gas & they were talking about getting 60 mpg for their small gas cars and I'm thinking - if I could just get like, 10 more mpg I'd see a savings right? and use less gas - seems motivating but I can't remember their name now (phhet) ah well, I will eventually.
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