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Athena wrote her name by herself today!!

Athena was coloring and said "mom what's next in my name?" & held up the page w/ a "A" drawn there - I said "T" - "T's like a tree"... and she wrote it - "and then?" "H, that's w/two lines and connected" & she drew it on the E she drew it w/2 lines then restarted & did 3 lines. on the N she missed the last "up" part, but redid it, and then put another A. - not in a row, but in two rows, she totally wrote her name *grin* I was so happy & she was totally beaming w/pride. We'd done her name aloud and I had helped her write her name plenty of times, holding her pen and making the motions for her : but she totally did her _whole_ name on her picture!! Wow, that's really good. (I recall Aurora writing lots of half-names on her own and random letters before doing words, not that any kid is like another, Aurora's an ace with numbers) _ wow, so I guess I just posted cause I'm so proud of her! Yay!!

Then I let her put glitter on the picture and there's still glitter all over the floor, but it was totally worth it. :D
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