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Did pilates this morning (w/ ktig): feel much better. That's the first time any of my pilates teachers have used free weights: pretty cool but also very tough! I love how my posture is so extended and I'm so stretched and worked out, but loose after a pilates class. :)

Today's docket includes gardening (my poor under nutured yard/garden!) and especially finishing hedge trimming I started yesterday, and thinning the kids carrots which need thinning so they can keep growing.

Anyone know how milkweed grows/spreads/how tough it is? I have some milkweed seeds I was thinking of planting to attract monarch butterflies, but I don't know much about milkweed (sun/shade? tall? falls over? I know its' kinda tall, hm. I don't know either, how much it spreads so I'm not sure where to put it.)
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