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garden hues, Fringe Festival, HOBT Aurora stilt walking & new hair color

I stuck w/an orange and purple garden scheme & I have to say it's more understated, even after 5th growing season now - it's just "subtle" - the oranges do 'pop' but the purples are most often rather hidden. I've added a bit of yellow & orange last year & this and it seems to help. Think it needs more red flowers still.

I really need a photo to define this topic but I lack one. I guess I'll take one & post later/although it would only show a moment, not the year's evolution of colors - all purples in spring for example. Hm.

So who has fringe festival shows? I've got down :
  • Shakespeare's Land of the Dead
  • No Stranger than Home

    What else?
    I'm considering these:
    "One Missed Step"
    "Dipped in Love"
    "White Bread"
    "The Virginity of Astronauts"
    "Ars Longa, vita brevis"

    any feedback? Ideas? Where did I hear about "My Hovercraft is Full of Eels"?

    Hey, Here's some photos of Aurora in her stilt-walking show at Heart of the Beast theater camp!! :) :D

    Oh, and I dyed my hair again today *grin* Much happier now.

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