Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Is anyone into going to Serenity on Friday ? =)

Hi everybody! I might have to go to Serenity on Friday, due to both work & kids' school on Friday, and the difficulty in finding kid-sitters for Midnight to 2am on a Thursday.

So! Does anyone want to go with me? huggiblysoft?,purplehaid? arturis? novamx3? p_bau? iamjohnston?, jamminrants? mrsmodew? (I know many of you out there are seeing it Thursday, but if any of you cats who are going on Thursday & want to go again Friday, or for any other reason are drawn to the idea of Serenity on This Friday... that would be cool, too! heh heh. I'm game!

anyhow; post a comment if you're interested, 'cause I don't have a fancy pay-for account, so I can't make a poll *pout* But I would love to go to Serenity with any of you or all of you! *grin*
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