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morning exercise! oh my.

k; I'm awake at 5am, might as well go to to 6am Pilates class for an hour!

I am so determined to get fit!!

Yesterday/Tues: 1 hour "fitness yoga" class
Mon: 1 hour "body pump" class (weights/pushups/situps)
Sun: 1 hour "pilates" class
Sat: 1 hour "body vive" class (dancing)
Wed/Thurs/Fri I was playing with my kids
Tue, I er just went to x-files/so no workout -

Hey gotta get going to class now but that is 5 hours over the last 5 days - the kids come home today (Yay!!! ) so we'll be doing fun stuff together - and I got rsvp's from some of their good friends who are coming over for my bbq on Friday! Woo hoo! :) I'm so excited to have like, an all ages bbq. *grin* I love kids.

I'm glad I'm in a better mood this morning. I hope it sticks?/ I was in a lousy mood a lot off & on this weekend. I'm feeling better finally today. :)
Tags: exercise, fitness

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