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lean muscle mass

I won't contend that I need to lose weight - but I want to be sure I'm burning fat/not healthy muscle - so thus, pure calorie reduction is not my choice - and I work out a _lot_ to increase muscle mass and thus increase my base metabolism: all good in theory.

A bit frustrating in practice because as I burn fat I gain muscle, thus the weight on the scale is going up & down and not too fast down... and I wasn't sure when I was just not doing the right things or not.

So I got a couple fat-measuring tools: a special scale that measures body density & parses out how much fat you have and how much water: it is really cool : I hope it works. I also got some (cheaper) calipers that are supposed to be able to use on oneself(this brand: most someone else has to use to measure you) - but I've not yet learned how to get those to work - I know they are measuring too little fat % and it's also never going to measure fat that's not on the surface: so calipers will show if fat under the skin is being reduced, but not if total body fat (internally) is going down. But the scale seems to show very accurate numbers.

So - while I don't want to go on into details that would bore everyone to death - it did show I have 106 lbs of lean mass - so If I add to that a healthy 26% to 22% body fat and a few more lbs of expected muscle gain (I put on 2 for an estimate) - I would be at about 142 to 147 lbs. With 22 to 25% body fat (perfect range for a woman/men are way lower) -

Now the BMI says I should be at (for my height) 103 to 135 lbs - but my lean muscle mass is much higher then an average woman my height - thus I can finally Measure : Fat loss, ongoing % fat and lean mass, and really see if my program is making progress! yay! I also feel much better about my weight loss goal of 20 to 25 lbs down is really perfect.
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