Alli (neugotik) wrote,

new things to try

Things I'd like to try:

  • making Bentos lunches; love how they have lots of veggies! :D

    Hello kitty's super cute & pretty common theme, but check out this one! ha ha ha:

    And a cheese Picachu!! So cute!

  • exercising at home too - I exercise at the Ymca but I want to try video workouts again/and jump rope more etc I think I could fit so much more exercise in if I did this (like morning workouts!)

    I'm hoping this one will have interesting music and it's one of the workouts I like, aka Pilates.

    Or also included in this goal is just 10 to 20 minute exercise without any video or instructions!

  • Making felt stuffed animals
  • Tags: ideas, lists, projects
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