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funny things.

3 of my neighbors (on my one block) re-roofed (i.e. all new tar lining & new shingles) their houses this month!  
As if synchronized mowing wasn't funny enough. heh.

Also: some freaky cool lookin' neon yellow mushrooms sprouted in my houseplants. I will prob. have to get rid of them in case they're poisonous - wonder where they came from (ie. the dirt, the rocks, the plant?) The spores rode in on something!

My neighbors have gianormous white mushrooms in their yard too - I'll have to post photos. ;) 

EDIT: I think they are what this flikr photo identifies as "Our houseplant regulars - the yellow lepiota (also known as leucocoprinus birnbaumii)."   Yeah, it totally is:this funky yellow mushroom I guess it's not even proven to be poisonous but is not to be eaten; handleing is fine, it's considered rather mundane & common houseplant mushroom, and it is then, in the soil. :)
Tags: funny, mushrooms, plants, pschology, summer
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