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Ideas that work series: cleaners

As inspired by tesla_aldrich's comments to the last post in this idea thread.

These don't seem as odd/weird to me as the body products, I suppose since they aren't "existing Items" they are more, packaged. er. But anyhow: good to know.

vinegar: great cleaner, dilute in water to mop, cleans glass streak-less, tables, counters too - also gets ride of ant scent trails or other animal scents so it's a great all-purpose cleaner.  With kids all over the floors, tables & counters, this is a great safe way to detox a surface of grime and kill the molds and bacteria, without leaving behind a nasty dangerous chemical trace: vinegar is edible! Yay!

baking soda: I keep an open one in the fridge to keep the air from smelling or one food from smelling up another/I also used to use it on rug stains when I had a rug, and I've used it to unclog drains & clean sinks (when mixed w/vinegar, pour powder in, then vinegar & it bubbles all over w/frothy cleaning action)

magic eraser: this is totally a friction based cleaning sponge, it's amazing at getting stains out of the nooks of tiles, off painted walls wo/damaging paint, cleaning sinks, etc: be careful not to scrub hard or it can scratch, it's got Teeny tiny friction based foam shape to it, but it's an amazing cleaner.

tea tree oil: antiseptic, and can kill mold/use with caution, not safe for animals, etc: read all the warnings if using.
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