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Not much to say; lost another 2% body fat but no weight in August. So that's like, 3 lbs of fat, replaced by water/muscle. Hey, at least it's progress.

Cabin trip over the weekend was wonderful. Vacations are always too short, but also while nice, exhausting. I could have fallen asleep at 7pm. But I had rented some cheesy martial arts movie for free (Monday redbox code) & it was so dumb it woke me up. For now/will amble off to sleep soon. Was more like a silly zombie film then a martial arts flick: like a demon taking over a whole town & making them crave donuts. yeh, that's really the plot, and a piece of wood shaped like a dragon is really an ancient 900 year old demon sword (sigh) I actually left the room and missed the end. lol.

Worked out at the Y tonight, but only 30 mins not an hour - but still, something. Maybe I'll find a cabin picture to post - not really much to talk about.

The younger gen. saunas

Step out to the real world -wow.

Grandma Alice turns 90! Grandpa John will be 87 or 88 on the 3rd -

Mmm; chocolate mouse torte w/raspberries & strawberries !

dinner picnic

sun, sets

Reading on the deck

swimming with space.

Mega stack of pancakes - breakfast of fresh blueberrie pancakes for all! Uncle John tolerates a photo as he sat closest to the serving plate!

Wild Asters along the cabin hillside

Cast aside heelies on the sauna change room floor

My girls, so happy. :)
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