Alli (neugotik) wrote,

knock knock jokes meet the logic of a 3 year old! take that.

so we had knock knock jokes w/our breakfast - it's interesting how my 3 year old daughter extrapolated the concept / formula.

So the jokes we got were:
knock knock, who's there? juicy. juicy who? juicy what I see?
knock knock, who's there? tuba. tuba who? tuba toothpaste!
knock knock, who's there? Plato. Plato who? Plato mashed potatoes!
knock knock, who's there? Wanda. Wanda who? Wanda off & you could get lost!

---- ok, so then Athena tries to come up with her own: ----

Athena "hey, this one says cake - there's a picture of a cake on it!"
Athena :"Mom, Mom, this one's a cake joke."
I say "ok, what's it say?"
Athena: "It says - what's there? Cake."
I say "ok, I'll do it: knock knock/who's there?"
Athena "not who's there! what's there? cake. "
I respond: "cake who?"
Athena "not cake who, cake what: it's cake and candles!"


Lol, kids are awesome.

This reminds me (personally) how much more logical kids are then knock knock jokes. Give them something as removed from literal logic as the play on words set to an imaginary door setting aka "knock knock" "who's there" format - and they'll fix who's to what, and make the answer make sense again Lol. nice.

Tags: funny, kids, kids story, linguistics, my photos, psychology, quotes

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