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exercise, how I've missed thee.

I was out of the exercise loop a couple weeks cause I was sick/not that I took the time to notice but surprise: when I went to the Doctor & she put me on antibiotics I'm suddenly feeling tons better, can breathe and exercise again.   I was just so worn out and sore and tired I couldn't do a thing beyond working and keeping up with the kids and cleaning/I was unable to do more. Finally w/the antibiotics I feel better so I know I was fighting off something internal and it had the better of me until I went to the Doctors.  So - finally I was able this week to start exercising again.

Tues - 1 hour yoga class
Weds - 1 hour step class (I hate that class but I went anyway)
Thurs - no workouts /just hung out with my kiddos, as they were at dad's the prev & next days
Friday- 45 mins elliptical w/Ktig
Saturday- 45 min of bodyvive class (liked this teacher more/it's a Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi mix class)
& then 20 mins of weights (did numerous arm workouts, obliques & some pec/back weight lifting) = 1 hour exercise

Kids are at their dad's until Weds night so I expect to workout an hour a day until then - right now I'm thinking, Sunday 11:30am-12:30 Pilates, Monday 6am-7 Pilates, Tues 8-9pm Yoga & Weds 6am-7 Pilates but I might add some night elliptical workouts or skip the early Pilates if I'm sleepy in the am. We'll see, it just feels good to be back up on my feet after 2 to 3 weeks doing nothing and being so tired just being. I lost weight being ill, course, but it's that kinda thing that I don't know if I'll keep losing weight now that I'm feeling well again. We'll see.

The rain has been nice.  Feels like an Oregon winter afternoon, just the steady rhythmic fall of rain, not like minnesota downpours: just a steady rain.     Now, at nearly 7pm it's had what I believe is the first break in the rain today, and I'm very tempted to use the time to break up my 'Autumn Joy' sedums & white chives and transplant portions to the parts of my yard that will grow nothing else (i.e. under the blue fir, and along the shady borders of the grass where there are no nutrients nor good light) Sedums & chives seem to like these areas just fine. :)  

Then I think I'll read more of my book (re-reading the Pratchett discworld series from the start) and watch the other film I rented last night.   I should walk the one I saw back to the grocery store before it's dark.  That pretty much finishes off the time in my day.  Tomorrow's football games at a friends house & more reading & exercise I hope.
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