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waking up realization

This isn't as meaningful as I'm sure as realizations many people awake to about life the universe & everything - but it has impact on me - I have been waking up feeling, like .. hungover, even when I haven't had anything to drink in a few days, a week or two or three - and it's on nights when I get plenty of sleep - more then 8 hours. So it's been baffling me. I think maybe (yes this just sunk in this morning) maybe if I'm burning off fat while I sleep - and since I don't eat when I sleep my stomach is empty and my metabolism and white blood cells and well, everything works a bit dif. when you're sleeping (you heal better, it's been shown, the stomach sets out dif. hormones & chemicals & other interesting things) _- so, maybe if I'm burning fat in my sleep & I'm sleeping more then normal, it's those chemicals and by products that we injest that get stored in fat/and when you burn fat you have to process those chemicals (this is known) - but if that's happening while I sleep maybe that's why I wake up feeling so ill and nauseated and like, total crap.

It tends to blow over as I get moving and awake, and esp. if I get something in my system like a protein drink or cereal or anything. So thus _ I think I figured out why I've been waking up feeling ill. I'm prob. burning off fat w/chemical food deposits and the chemical processing is making me ill.

I want to do one of those chemical deposit body tests but I don't know where to go or how much they cost, or if there's any particular ones more worth getting (lately I want to check for that plastic chemical BPA, for example).

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(PS: I'm down to a size 10 on pants just *barely* as in they go on wo/problem but are a little tight for my aesthetic) Yay though. I was a size 14 when I started working out summer 2007! I've hardly lost weight but I can't complain about going down sizes - must be a fat to muscle trade in I'm doing here. My tops are similarly down to a size small from a large - wo much weight loss. But I def. look way more toned.

Any help w/the chemical testing &/or idea of that would be appreciated!
Tags: exercise, fitness, goals, green living

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