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*Stretchhhhh!* ah. that felt good.

It's interesting how years of responsibility-roles (husband/wife, mom/dad, houseowners/house-cleaners, wageearners/budgetmanagers) kinda put on hold being friends - it's nice to be able to get the friendship down from off the shelf, it's a great feeling.

So after 7 years of marriage what have I learned? Well, one thing is, it's really important to be friends, and not bury that in responsibilities & clutter.

And, speaking of clutter, Aurora's moving to the guest room - which is great! She loves the big windows, and it's like we just got an extra room in the house for daily use, that was before, only used a few times a year. (we'll figure out where to put guests later; maybe a conversion couch in the living room?)

Angelo's getting Aurora's room, which is allowing both of us to have a little more "me" space, which has been rather .. actually fun. Bits & Pieces of myself I have surpressed for years finally feel free to dance about the room & flaunt themselves in all their flirtatious and artistic grandeur.. it's been like coming up to the top of a mountain, and the horizon just opened up and I can have the picnic I've been lugging all the way up the trail.

Also, all the clutter that was hidden in closets & corners to deal with "later" is out in the middle of the living room, and bedrooms .. and a whole bunch of it is stuff I sorted for 'give away' Months ago.. and just never got around to taking anywhere.. or it's stuff Aurora borrowed, that I haven't gotten around to returning: time to do so! It feels good to get rid of clutter and unused stuff (i.e. junk/crap/garbage).

So- back to the game of 'house tetris'!

and now, some Bach....


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