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I was talking w/my girls as we were coloring at the dining room table this afternoon in coloring books. We got on the topic of hair and 'extensions' and I said (that the girls in the coloring book looked like extensions I once had/on a girl Aurora had colored in red white & blue hair)... so she asked what those are/ I replied something like: "well... what they are, um, is long strands that look like hair braided into your natural hair, and they can make your hair look long right away without growing it out but it's hard on your hair, it's breaks it some from all the long fake strands that are woven in like braids... but it looks like real hair, like Britney Spears has extensions in"

- and Aurora, my 9 year old says "Who's Britney Spears?"

my brain was both surprised and totally giddy that she's 9 and still has not gotten into trashy fashion magazines, cheesy news or girl gossip about stars - wow - heh; that's awesome.

"oh just some popstar" I answer - what a cool illumination. Somehow I think I'm managing to bring up my kids without them being completely saturated in tv-media, hype and all that noise. Yay!!!
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