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I drove over the new 35w bridge yesterday. It was oddly smooth, the artsy lights were interesting, it did not vibrate like the old bridge, and it worked. Nice to have a bridge there again.

Autumn is here & the changing of leaves. I'm trying to motivate myself out into the grey to get some exercise. Then I think I'll do some gardening.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take some photos around town for my photo project, and I plan to do Pilates. Weekends are quiet when the girls aren't home. Did some reading today & made a protein smoothie, took a bath. Listening to music and trying to leave the quiet calm of home and go out to get something done with myself today. :)

Neal Stephenson reading last night was awesome. Got to hang out with my friend Rachael which was nice. Gave Cindy & Mike a baby gift for their upcoming October baby. Buncha super cute Halloween baby stuff from target - I admit I shop there, yes. It is Er kinda local. I mean like, heh. It's huge, and it's based here. I guess it's easy to shop there.

The kids are into these new toys called "Bakugan" which is the hot toy right now, donchaknow.

Ok, that's it. I can't hang out here anymore - time to go out & do stuff more then just being a homebody.
Tags: friends, projects, weekends
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