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Had a good day: lovely weather here.. made the kids a good lunch, then we went to the shop to meet a school friend of Aurora's, Sam, who she had played with yesterday & they had planned to meet at the shop today ~ 2pm. Then Aurora learned how to play YuGioh & played a full game with same, and won by decking him (running out of cards)..because they were having too much fun learning to count the score, which was cool.

Then we went to soccer, the team had fun, the weather was still gorgeous, sunny with some clouds, and nice dry grass... and Aurora scored a goal!!

And then I cleaned the house some more & fed the kids a nice dinner - and grilled up some chicken with ginger & spices & olive oil - I really like ginger on chicken (we have a jar of refrigerated ginger- it tastes a bit stronger & isn't crunchy like dried spices when cooked on the grill sans marinade, so I've grown fond of this.

Then we went back to the shop & played more YuGiOh & then I had to run to the shop for tylenol: little Athena's been both fighting a stuffy nose AND her bottom teeth are coming through this week - so she's been having some fevers. It's tough to see her uncomfortable, but she also seemed to have a lot of fun at the soccer game, although she slept through both of the game shop visits, as there is no where for her to play there, so we can only hang out if she's in the mood to nap.

So, all in all, a really nice day!

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