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to blog or not to blog

well, I went back & forth on blogging about this. It's more personal then my average post/er, or at least more emotional, and so well. Here's forth with it. My little black cat Anero doesn't have long to live. Turns out he's got a kidney disease & they are failing; rating a 8 on processing something that should be below 2 - caught it because his urine was too watery on the bacteria test - so she asked if she could do a blood test on his kidneys - it was either that or maybe diabetes - but it's his Kidneys - and they're already way below normal levels - congenitive the Vet thinks, prob. born with it/genetic or something ... and she said it's amazing we caught it so soon w/really not much symptoms(I was testing him for bladder infection like his roommate cat; thought that's all he had).

So, well - now he's on special canned food, extra water & a water hydration system I am going to learn about tomorrow I hope, after work - Friday if I can't make it to the vet between 4 & 6 w/the girls and the cat in tow - Friday I can go on lunch w/just me and the cat, so I'm actually thinking that's more sane to go at lunch Friday, cause I don't want the girls to have to go with me on this... So, yeh, I'll start that Friday. They said to just call when I can come back over & I told them prob. Friday. He's got about a year if he takes to the easier to digest low-protein canned food & gets lots of water. maybe 2.

My other cat, Argento, who's a big grey cat, has antibiotics for his bladder and special (dif.) food for crystals in that - possible kidney stone/hopefully not. We'll know in about a week if it doesn't clear up w/what he's on, if it doesn't clear up he might need surgery.

6 years they've been healthy, then the same week - two totally different terrible issues.
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