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quiet weekend

had 2 fried eggs on 45 cal whole grain toast with coffee - nice breakfast - reminds me of Peru, as it's about the only thing we ate there other then beans & rice. Well, me - as a vegetarian who ate eggs & milk at the time - so yeh, not vegan/but no meat - that was about what there was, and avocado spread on toast. But it was fine - in fact really satisfactory.
And fruits I don't know the name of & I've never seen in the states _ purple corn, which was used to make a delish. sweet soup, and on desserts or in the local gum - and a soft yellow fruit that looked to be the merge of an apple & a pear, one that looked just like a perfect yellow heart - that one was really good. I tried the chocolate there too but it all had a minty flavor to it - in one town we found overpriced Twix, and got them to compare & sure enough the chocolate was totally different - but anyhows that was 1993 and surely it's changed somewhat. But fried eggs on toast & coffee will always remind me of being in Peru.

It's delightfully sunny today - I plan to take down the trampoline today, hopefully with ktig's assistance, and then I hope to mow the chia pet of a yard I have :D.

I also plan to crawl myself back over to the Ymca for a class - It's been a week since I've gone since I got sick again this week with my autumn-asthma and was somewhat useless to anyone outside of my digital work-world. No, I exaggerate, obviously, as I spent all my free time taking care of the cats and entertaining my girls too I obviously wasn't useless. But I felt way below par.

Nothing like not drinking anything for weeks, but waking up with an all-over sick feeling anyway: lol. The good news of it is I dropped more weight: ha ha ha. Ironic how I "Look best" when I've been at my sickest. Actually this is true for my skin color too - I always, as far back as I can remember - like Jr high - have gotten compliments when I get ill. IT's cause I turn white as a ghost and I do look rather stunning when I'm ill: hilarious huh? I look like I'm wearing makeup as my eyelashes and eyes look so dark by the paleness and I'm quieter when I'm ill too - all around good for people in my environ. Ok, sorry that was a bit sardonic of me - but I'm just tired of being off & on sick all month - I've had to go on anti-biotics 2 times, and take my inhaler all month, which forgive me for whining about, I just usually don't have to take it at all outside of autumn; it's my allergy season. If I would only fess up the money to get tested for allergies finally I'd know better what to avoid/but I'm to cheap to spend money on me & my health - I really am, I just tell myself to "tough it out/you'll be fine".

So 'nuf about me.

I watched "The Visitor" last night, which I got out of a redbox rental unit. IT was really good. About immigration & the people affected by this - It was really good, not an action movie, a people-movie.

I can't believe how much I've been indoors this month, but I think it's a mix of the illness and the asthma/allergies - need to reduce exposure - sure the cats too - but I just figured out they are ill this last week, and I've really not gone out all month - I've watched lots of movies alone at my house on nights the girls were not home, and when the girls are with me, I do their things, which keeps me going. Aurora texts me good night & I love you - it just makes my day - she's visiting her paternal grandfather this weekend - he & Linda, the step-grandmother, have horses they got this summer that the girls haven't met, so they're certain to have an exciting weekend with the horses, and they still texted me good night :D It feels good to be remembered and I do miss them still when they go. It's hard to adjust - from a life with kids in the house all the time, and most often one or two roommates on top of my ex-husband, a bustling busy, loud life, to being just me & the girls half the week, and the other days just me. It's ok, adaptation is the name of the game. Life changes and we don't get to pick how it's going to go on many levels: we can choose how we react, what we do with our days, but not a lot of big things - it's hard to, say, determine how much we'll make. We can influence it, but it's a bit of everything else in the equation, we can't know when our family will go, as my brother so young caught in a avalanche: I mean, life it is just a whole lot more then just our little goals and hopes. We can just adapt and see how our piece fits and moves in the ongoing puzzle of life.
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