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2 odd dreams

I woke up from an odd set of 2 dreams yesterday morning

So the 2nd one, was that I was sneaking into roof-top "elite" gyms in downtown to do my daily exercise - and I was snuck in wearing a half-ass swimsuit and was doing laps and it got more & more shallow until I had no water to swim in & it was like I was in a kiddy pool then like I was in a sprinkler park and I was kinda lying in a puddle on the edge and it was odd (as dreams can be) and I got up, and walked off, embaressed (funny aside: I googled the word "embaressed" to see if I got it spelled right & the first web page link is 'embaressed at the pool' ha ha ha ).... oh, ok, and so I got out and walked out through the weight lifting area with all these guys working out wondering why i was wet and going that way - it was odd. In the dream I dreamnt my elder daughter had a different dad somehow, so in the dream she was rejected by the dad she knows and it was a very hurtful thought. I woke up knowing I wanted my girls to still have a relationship with their dad, and how awful it would be for either of them to not have a relationship with him as their dad; how hurtful it would be to feel rejected by either parent (in the dream his new kid was his real kid and he acknowledged my younger but ignored my elder daughter and it was sad) - I'm glad that he has not done this. Well, and they are both his kids so - the dream was weird.

Even weirder in the dream was before the gym scene I was in this small yellow house full of empty rooms, except for pet animals with great setups for them - like you know the pet toys and such - and there was a baby room with a crib but no baby and living room and it was all decorated in yellows and greens with the kids area being in "curious george" monkey wall paper -and it seemed cool, for a decorated "model house" or something not like anyone lived there.. and I was wondering why they had a house for just pets.

And then ...but what was odd was the stairs went up a little way getting more & more skinny til it was alittle stair "ledge" only a few inches across - like something out of 'Alice in Wonderland' or a MC Escher drawing- It was a house inside a house, with only a stair "ledge" circling the inner "upstairs" aka 2nd house - and no way in.

Well, then there was a window, like one would see in a rooftop - sticking out of the upstairs rooms - overlapping the stairs, then the stairs became just about 6 inches wide and anyone bigger then me could not have walked them, I had to squeeze up sideways - and at the top was another outside window - the upstairs was it's own encased house, with no way to get in.

In the dream then I hollared downstairs to my friends who knew the house owners & who were chatting in the well-lit friendly kitchen "what is up with these stairs? and how come there's no way to get into the upstairs? This is weird" They answered that it was the architect - some weird thing - and how it was like an inside-out house - and actually that's why the owners had moved out - they had gotten some large amount of money for finishing a game in the newspaper - a kinda scavenger hunt, but instead of finding things, one had to do everything on the list, and one of the things was to get inside that upstairs room so they had done it first - some kinda local phenomenon the house was - well - "strange" I thought in the dream, went downstairs and played with the cat and then over to another room - by the bathroom, there were like minature pigs, or maybe they were chinchillas - yeh, I think they were chinchillas and I was like "these pets are so taken care of here - a playgym, food, they're healthy, but they're alone, why didn't they take the animals too?" and I didn't find out as I woke up and then when I fell back asleep it was a sunny morning on the rooftop of an elite gym - and I had that dream, then I woke up for the day.

I can tell I am pondering lots of ideas when I have such odd, complicated, and also detailed dreams. Obviously one line of thought is around absurdity, and pets, and opportunity vs absurdism. And the other is about worry over my kids, making sure they don't feel rejected, around exercise, and about money (that I had to sneak in & wasn't properly dressed) for swimming - which is in water, which in my dreams often represents emotions - I have found this to be a trend (for me) - Hm.
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