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exercise, up the ante'

been working out -

Saturday - 1 hr 'bodyvive' class
Monday - 1 hr 'pilates' class
Tuesday - 1 hr of 'body pump' then some yoga inversions, 10 mins of elliptical & 1 hr of Yoga class (there was a 15 min gap between classes to use up)
Wednesday - 1 hr yoga fitness class (more adv. class on Weds turns out)- will try to go to that one again next week.

that's over 5 hrs this week so far & I have a couple days to fit in some more I hope. We'll see - I'm determined to burn off more fat.

I liked 'bodypump' it made all my arm & leg muscles shake from the effort of it.
I also liked the advanced yoga - I got to work on inversion poses 2 days this week heh heh. Fun stuff.
Tags: classes, exercise, fitness, pilates, yoga
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